Angela//Geoffrey chose an amazing venue for their wedding—The Villa by Barton G, formerly the Versace Mansion. This classic venue was the perfect backdrop for their Miami Beach event, which was a destination wedding for Angela’s family and friends from North Carolina. Angela felt and looked like a princess, as she got ready in Versace’s actual master bedroom. The room’s magnitude and décor are simply stunning, so it really was the perfect room for Angela.

At the time of the ceremony, clouds began to fill the sky and the guests and even the priest appeared a bit worried. The couple, however, appeared calm and serene, almost as if they were ready for anything, now that they were together. The lighting and wind actually generated amazing footage for us—and sure enough the clouds cleared up right in time for their first kiss.

Typically the wedding planning tends to fall solely into the bride’s lap, but this was not the case with Angela//Geoffrey! Geoffrey, a very successful Attorney at a prestigious Miami law firm, was extremely involved in the wedding process and decided to hire us. The couple’s excitement continued up until the moment they wed, when Geoffrey passionately held his new wife and surprised her with an unexpected kiss. His speech melted every woman’s heart in the room and Angela looked as if she was overcome with a sense of joy that he was hers. Watch the trailer above for more on the couple and venue!

Venue // Villa by Barton G formerly the Versace Mansion 

Planner // Tamara Cohen

Photographer // 

Entertainment // Sarz Entertainment