A lot of times during our consultations with future brides, we’re asked about how we go about planning our videos. How do you pick the music, how do you develop the story, how can we help? The reality of it is, you really can’t. You can make some preparations here and there but the wedding day truly evolves on it’s own. Every single time the story presents itself and your job is to be ready and capture it. Jessica & Donovan’s wedding was the perfect example of this and it took about 8 hours before the narrative driving force behind the wedding trailer presented itself to me. It came during the speeches about 2 hours before the end of the wedding. One of the groomsmen, Marvin, who had been friends with both Jessica and Donovan for years, got up and did a perfect rendition of both. It was hilarious. After getting to know Jessica and Donovan for the last few months, you get to realize that their incredible personalities are truly unique and really their personal story as a couple. Their spirits are so uplifting and it’s such a great force to be around. We were so blessed to be there on their wedding day and creating their film was such a pleasure.

I look forward to watching this couple grow both personally and professionally. Jessica is an up and coming wedding planner with a lot of talent and Donovan is a very talented and knowledgable sportscaster for WSVN 7.